Saturday, April 24, 2010


A week has gone by already since I went to Connecticut to celebrate my aunt's 70th birthday! My Dad and Mom, Deb and I ( and of course Mikey) drove down to wish her a "Happy Birthday". The ride was great. My Dad took some back roads. The countryside is beautiful. Old houses and farmland, horses and streams, my kind of place. Mikey is such a good little traveler, he slept the whole way down and back. It was really good to see my aunt and cousins and their wives and children. The boys have grown so much since I saw them last.  We had food and 2 cakes as you can see. Mikey ran around trying to get scraps from anyone who was  He was great with the boys. He can be a little nippy but he had a great time and was fine with everyone. My aunt looked great and I know she was very happy to have all her family with her.( I love and miss you, Auntie.) She is such a wonderful person, a great cook, as I have mentioned in earlier posts.She   has made sets of napkins for every day of the year! I find that incredible, and she made them all by hand! She also makes cards, beautiful cards. I always enjoy getting one from her. We have all had some wonderful times visiting her in the past and hopefully we will continue to.
 After the party Mom, Dad, Deb and I ( Mikey too.) went back to Elizabeth's( my cousin) house to spend the night. Elizabeth, Steven( her son, and my 2nd cousin) stayed up with us for a little while and talked. We were all so tired so we didn't stay up long. In the morning Elizabeth had gone off to work and Steven to school. We packed up and headed home. Too little time. I miss them all and would have really liked to visit longer.
 Calvin and Sophie( the cats) were so cute with Mikey. Calvin seemed interested and just followed Mikey around and stared at him. Sophie on the other hand kept her distance but made sure he was always in her sight. Her eyes were as big as Owls eyes. Anyway they kept the peace and all was well.
 Back on the road. We stopped to get some coffee and breakfast and we saw this adorable little baby bunny.
Finally got home that afternoon. We had a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!!!! Here is your rainbow!

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