Saturday, February 27, 2010


  Moon lit nights.
  Peepers in the Spring
  Shooting stars
  Misty mornings
  Baby squirrels
  Wild windy storms
  Dew drops
  My mothers face
  The smell of wood smoke
  My sons humor
  Rainy days
  Warm summer evenings
  My grandsons grin
  Freesian horses

Friday, February 26, 2010


Today I spent most of the day glued to my front steps with my camera around my neck. I had thrown some bread out for the birds and they came in droves. Robins, Cardinals, Goldfinch, Wrens, Nuthatches, I was having such a good time. Later on I discovered my ISO was up way too high. Reason pics are a little grainy, and light. The squirrels came too, gray and now we have a newcomer, a baby red squirrel. I named him "Pumpkin", isn't he the sweetest thing? I think its so cute how he fits into the squirrel proof feeder.We have two adults that have been here for years. We always see the little babes in the spring. I'm surprised he is already out. The weather today has been so weird, first it was sunny when I got up, then it rained, snowed, then the sun was back out. It kept doing this all day. The clouds were beautiful, some white billowing then dark and ominous. Later in the afternoon Justin( son), Debbie and I took a ride to Falmouth, a town down near the Cape Cod Canal. We don't get there very often, so it feels like another state or foreign country!LOL ...anyway....I really don't get out much! lol........While we were driving along RT.28 I was looking for good photo material (as always,lol), out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge bird. It was a turkey in full bloom (you know what I mean, lol) I was amazed! I told Debbie to turn around QUICK!, she did. We pulled into someones driveway. The place looked like a mini farm and this is what we saw!!! Isn't he magnificent!(damn ISO) I think the picture came out good despite that. He was running around strutting his stuff, gobbleing the whole time, trying to impress the female. We sure were impressed! LOL

Thursday, February 25, 2010


 Its been raining for a couple of days now. Its Thursday and the good ole weather guy says it could last till Monday. One storm just went over and another is coming up the coast and will turn back on us. Love that rain but I do want to see the sun.
  Debs birthday was Sunday the 21st but we celebrated it on Tuesday night so that Sarah could be here. She had a night off. My Mom and Dad came over as did Justin, and my grandson. Michele dropped in, but my daughter-in-law Michelle had to work. Noni stopped over earlier and gave Deb a nice gift. We had cake and ice cream and sat around and talked. It was nice. Look at Debs little cheeks, she is so funny. She said she had a nice birthday. I LOVE YOU SISSY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! again. I've been saying that to her all week lol
  I did get out between the raindrops and took pictures of

Monday, February 22, 2010


 Yes, these little darlings are back. Last year at this same time we had a flock of Bluebirds that stayed around for a couple of weeks. Today they came. I absolutely love these little birds. With my new camera I was able to take these photos out my kitchen window.
  Last Thurs. I spent helping Noni watch her 2 grandchildren and 3 of their Noni's daughters house. I thought It would be crazy! All the kids were great. We had a lot of fun. Took them for a walk around the block. I took a lot of photos(of course lol) and learned a few things about my camera.Late that afternoon after babysitting, Sarah and I went out back and spent 2 hours taking photos of unusual things. We had a blast.

  Fri, Noni and I decided to take our cameras and go for a ride down 6A towards P-town. We stopped at quite a few places. The barn has a thatched roof and lightening rods on the top. Noni and I walk here alot. There is alot of beautiful scenery. Its near the ocean too. Down a ways is Bray farm. Its an old farm that's being preserved. Lots of animals and old buildings. The first place we stopped was the goat pen. This goat took a liking to Noni. He was so funny. He wanted her to keep petting him and he would jump up to kiss her. We loved him. Wanted to take him home! lol Then off to the chickens. I don't know why but I sure do have a lot of chicken photos in my picasa3. It must be the colors. They are so beautiful AND some are VERY unusual. Hhhmmmmmmm... On to the donkeys. They are miniture and sooooo cute. I was walking by just as they began to play with a blue ball. I wish I had remembered I have video on this camera! We finally decided to head on home.
  Sat. Debbie, Sarah ( my niece), Justin ( my son) and I went to get spring water in Sandwich. All of us armed with our cameras,except Deb was the designated driver. lol, I always love to go get this special water. I think its medicinal. It is so sparkling clear. I have never tasted water like this.After we filled all our bottles with water we went over to the Sandwich Tea Shop and bought these unbelievable pastries. This has become a little ritual now and I'm glad of it! lol On our way home we stopped and took pictures of railroad trains and Justin showed me how to use my F-stop. This will make a big difference in how I take my pictures.
  Justin( my grandson) spent the night Sat. Sunday we took off on a walk. I gave him my Minolta now that I have my new camera. I gave Debbie my Sony. That little Sony had a lot of mojo. I will miss it. But I'm sure I'll get over it. lol  Justin is really learning to take great photos. These are mine. Its time to go goodnight!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ho Hum, when will spring get here? I think I have a touch of Spring Fever. Its snowing outside right now, will pass after midnight. I'm longing for another long walk(with my new camera lol). I just took Mikey out and the snow is still coming down softly. I love how quiet it gets when it snows. I love the weather. Rain, snow, sleet or shine....isn't that the  mail-mans' old adage? Each day the sun is getting a little higher in the sky and the light is starting to change. The equinox is just about a month away. All the seasons excite me. They each have their own essence. Winter to me is old and withdrawn, secret, meditative and quiet.and solemn. Cold and icy  with howling winds, winter can sometimes become a bitter foe then turn and blanket the earth with snow, inviting us into her winter wonderland. Winter has a raw beauty about it. The trees are bare and showing their intricate designs. Bare trees are poetry, art, they inspire. Mysterious winter, a time for soul-searching.                                           Spring is youthful,vibrant, full of excitement, joy, and recklessness. All is new and bright. Busy sounds of awakening life.. Spring is creative and full of energy.The air echos with laughter.The sun is higher and the light is sparkling. Rainy days quench the thirst of new growth.The smells of spring are clean and sweet.Spring is the season that brings wonder and awe.                                                                                                                    Summer, hot, hazy summer. Full to the brim. Nurturing. Overflowing with lust. The days last forever and the memories are  sweet.The air hums,sultry and sensuous. She smiles at our carelessness.The smells of summer are heady, dripping with perfume. The breeze is soft and silky,lazy and luxurious. Fantasy and daydreams engage our minds.                                                                                                       Magical, mystical Autumn. Hauntingly beautiful.  Longer shadows as the light begins to wane. Changing, with vivid displays of color. Musky and  thrilling. Deep and fecund.. Full of pungent smells. Ripe and ready for an artists canvas. Filled with muses and wisdom. Days become shorter. Life begins to age as it readies itself for a long winters slumber.The sun casts golden rays that enchant the heart and move the soul. I always say that I have a favorite season, but when each of them come in turn, each one becomes my favorite.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines Day everyone! I had a wonderful day. Mom gave us chocolates. Debbie and I bought ourselves are own valentines present, a HUGE box of chocolates. Yep, we ate them all, thank you very much!lol  But the highlight of my day was going out to Bone Hill Rd. with my two Justins(my son and grandson). We all took our cameras of course. Walked all the back trails, this time covered with snow. Everytime I go there its different. We spent about 3 hours out there. My camera is a jewel. It really takes great pics. But my little SonyCyber Shot had alot of mojo. That little camera took some awesome pics like the one above(The heart and ice). I gave it to Debbie, I know she will take good care of it and she will enjoy it. I sure did. Heres some photos from today...Justin, my grandson spent the whole weekend with me. We walked over to Pet Smart( he likes to see all the animals) then......we had a blast in the parking lot behind pet smart with a shopping cart......We had sooo much fun. I took alot more photos of him with that cart. We laughed so hard. He went home this afternoon after Bone Hill Rd. A little tired now.......goodnight.

ps. Auntie, I hope you're home soon and feeling well. We love you!


Introducing my new camera!!! No its not a Sony, but it is GREAT!!! 12mgp ,18zoom, panorama, the list goes on and on. I took it over to Noni's last Thursday while she was babysitting her grandson Matthew. Noni brought hers too, Yes she got one too!!! We are going to have so much fun with these. It takes great photos! I took the photo of Noni's daughters dog, a Rat Terrier named Princess. Shes a wonderful dog and look at that photo. YES I LOVE  my camera!!! Its a Fujifilm S1800. They just came out Feb. 6th.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


  On the first Friday of every month SOWA Artists Guild (South of Washington Street) in Boston opens   their studios to the public. Noni and I decided to go. It was so much fun. The building is an old mill. It has been converted into artists studios. There are about 45 artists in all. Painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, ceramics, its all here. It has 3 floors AND its FREE!  Some of the artists have wine and cheese or other goodies. It takes awhile to go through each studio, especially one you really like. While we were there I kept seeing this distinguished looking man with a large staff. He was dressed to the hilt in black and gray. He wore a leather vest. He had his gray hair tied back in a ponytail. He was just awesome looking! I really wanted to take his picture,( I like capturing unusual people ) but I didn't dare. Well, Noni stepped up just as he was hitting the elevator button! He agreed, only if Noni took it with him. Here he is with Noni. After he let me take one of him by himself. He gave me his address in Cambridge in order for me to send him a photo. It was great!( I think hes' a wizard) Like I said we had alot of fun. After going through all the studios we went across the street to the bead store. This store is packed with all different kinds of beads, glass, stone ,enameled ,you name it. Noni  has alot of fun in this store.This was the 2nd time we have gone to this event. Its' such a thrill for me to be in the city!. I would never want to live there but I really enjoy visiting. The different smells, the people, and the lights, all of it is sooo exciting! I don't get to the city very often. There are so many places in the city that I haven't been to that I would really like to see. After spending a few hours we were on our way home... BUT we were not finished YET! We planned to eat at Pappa-Razzis' first. OK!!!  I have only had one dish at this restaurant and it is called Scallopini De Pollo. It is a chicken breast, pounded thin., breaded, with lemon-white wine sauce with capers. It is unbelievable! I'd love to try other dishes but I can't. I don't see how anything could compare to this. We had parmesan rissoto and tomatoes and basil. We got so full we had to take 1/2 of our dishes home!