Saturday, January 30, 2010


  Yes I did!!! I ate a whole,(small)(makes me feel a little better when I say that , LOL) White Shadow Pizza. Its a pizza with no sauce, lots of cheese, Italian sausage, thin sliced tomato and bacon. It is sooo good!. Its the only thing I order from this pizza place.(wish you were here Auntie, you'd love this).Deb and I usually order out once a month (we try but sometimes its more than that, lol) so we did it a little early. Its not Feb. yet! But...we both didn't want to cook.
 Noni came over today to show me some tricks for my blog, for instance if you click on Noni, it will take you to her blog. Great blog called Nonie's Niche. She started it 2 years ago, didn't keep up with it, now shes back and you don't want to miss this! Shes very creative and interesting...AND as you probably already know shes my Best Friend. I think its been for 41 years now.
 The weather here has been bitter, cold and gray. I don't mind the overcast skies but the cold is biting. I haven't been walking because of my back, and its really too cold to go out right now. So I'll have to wait. I miss it.
 Our friend Denise ( Deb calls her Chicken Little Lovey, its too funny how the two go back and forth,LOL) Denise is from S Boston. Quincy. She has the accent and all. She is sooo Irish... not that that's bad so am I and so is Noni. Shes alot of fun to be around. She only comes down once in a while, now. She used to spend weeks at a time here. She and her sister, Sheila, own the house next door. They started renting it.for the summers. Its empty now and shes here till Tues. I'll probably have some really funny stories to tell. She has 3 dogs of her own but she adores Mikey. She calls him her nephew. When she calls me she'll change her voice and ask for Mikey, I put the phone up to his ear and his tail starts going. lol Mikey loves her, jumps in her arms when she comes over. Its too cute.
 Well I'll say goodnight, now and go finish watching Extreme Makeover......I love that show! People are so remarkable when they put themselves out so much for people who don't have much when they don't have much either.. Its so nice to see what these people do to help them.

Friday, January 29, 2010


 It has been very cold today. Last night it was windy AND cold. We had what they call a snow squall. Just saw the weather on channel 5 and Harvey(meteoroligist) says it will only get to 20 degrees tomorrow. Deb built a fire this morning and its been going all day. Nice and toasty. It is still windy but that's supposed to calm down later on. The full Wolf Moon is rising and it is beautiful. You can see Mars very easily following right behind.
 My daughter, Tracy called today. It was really nice to hear from her. She is working at a pet store now and is very busy. She is an incredible person just like her brother. I only have incredible children! lol....well they are. Tracy rode her horse, Dawn, from NH all the way to WA. That's a whole other story.
 Well tonight I'm sorta lost for words so I think I'll go watch SuperManny. lol

Thursday, January 28, 2010


No pun intended... I spent part of the day in the ER yesterday. I think I jinxed My back really did go out. I've been resting it and taking medication for the pain and swelling. It's already feeling a little better.
 This morning I was sitting on the front steps and a hawk flew by and landed in a tree quite close to me. Hawks are such mysterious birds. I always get a thrill when I see one especially up close. The Goldfinch males are starting to get their color. I can see the yellow starting to show very slightly.
 I've noticed the little Snowdrops are budded and they will open up probably in the beginning of February. I plan to do alot of gardening this year. Beds need to be weeded and fertilized. Leaves need to be raked. Deb and I did alot of raking this fall but we left the beds covered. We had alot of snow this winter and that is always great for the soil. They call snow "poor mans fertilizer."
 Last night we had the best speagetti sauce I have ever had!. My son made it! He puts lots of sauteed onions and peppers and a little red wine. It was really good!. He should can it.and give it away for gifts.
 Day before yesterday I walked to Hathaways Pond. I went around the pond and back home. Took pictures, of course. Probably didn't do my back any good, but I love being out with Mother Nature. I go around hugging trees and talking to the flora and fauna. I must look like a nut if anyone is watching but I don't care! LOL. Hathaways pond is a strange place. There are no birds or squirrels running around. I find that odd in such a wild place. I see ducks once in a while in the water but thats about it. Justin( my grandson) and I really have alot of fun out there. One time we went there and it started to rain so we took shelter under the roots of a fallen tree and had our lunch. It was pretty funny because a family was out walking too and they came by and saw us. They thought it was great that we had found  a place to keep dry. Like I said we always have fun out there.Justin has such a sweet spirit and he really appreciates nature.
 I didn't sleep well last night, so I stayed up with the Moon, watching the moonbeams streaming through my window. I noticed that She was setting over in the northwest. Its rare that I see this because I'm usually asleep. I love the Moon. I study her phases and what constellation shes in at any certain time. Its true that this affects us, we are 85% water and I can feel the difference when shes waxing and waning. There are books about gardening with the phases of the Moon. I think I'll try it this year and see if it makes a difference.
 Deb just came in the house with a bundle of firewood in her arms announcing that its spitting snow!!! Yea... I'm still into the Winter. Its supposed to be very cold this weekend. The January thaw is over.....more winter it should be.....

Monday, January 25, 2010


Gray and overcast this morning. Rains coming!. Went over to mom and dads' this morning to do some housecleaning for them. Deb and I try to get over there once a week. Both are in their 80's but doing great.
 I was so happy this morning when I called my friend Noni, we call each other every morning. She sounded alot better than she has been. For a week now she has had all symptoms of the H1N1 virius. She has really been very sick and I have been very worried about her.I miss her. But she says shes up and feeling better. My other friend Michele is home from a surgery she had done on her knee. Shes feeling better too. I'm feeling for them both... I think my back is starting to hurt a It really is but I layed down earlier and if feels better.....
 We sure are having some weather tonight. Lots of rain... wind howling at the windows. But its nice and cozy and I'm feeling a little drowsy..........

Sunday, January 24, 2010


 My grandson, Justin came over Saturday at 10:AM. We decided to take Mikey for a walk. So we get him ready in his sweater and off we went around our circle. Instead of going the regular way we decided to go out to the old Indian Trail. Just walking along enjoying the sun, all of a sudden Justin lets out a little yelp of delight. He picked up an ordinary looking rock, lying there in the mud, only the top showing. I don't think I would have picked up this rock it wasn't striking enough for me. Well I asked him If I could see it. I wanted to see what he thought was so special about it. I held it in my hand and it had that old feeling( I have found a few suede scrapers in the past) and then I turned it upside down and then I started jumping up and down. Not only was it a double sided suede scraper it was also a knife sharpener. I tried everything from baubles he likes that I have to a jar full of cookies to get that artifact! lol No...I was very happy that he had found it and I would never want it from him. Its so great that he recognized that it was something special before he even picked it up....and really anybody else would have just stepped over it!

 After we took Mikey for a walk. My mother came over and drove us to guess where?.....BONE HILL RD. I told Justin about my walk and he wanted to go on it with me so I did the whole trip over with him. We had soooo much fun! I let him take my Minolta and I had my Sony and we took off down the trail. Encountered all the animals again and Justin got great pics.These two are ones he took.( The rooster and the horse) We laughed and walked never stopping except to take pictures.We walked for 41/2 hours...with no trouble, neither of us were really tired or winded. I was proud of him because he doesn't go on these really long walks with me. We go on shorter ones. We got all the way to Hathaways Pond and there was this big stone. I sat down and called Michelle, Justins  mother and asked her to pick us up. Here is a pic that Justin took of me at that moment LOL Did I really say I wasn't tired!!!? According to the picture I think I lied....lolol.Here are some pics I took of Justin along the way.......We came home and we both took a nice long rest. Then we played with the computer for a while. The time came for him to go home. I will miss him. But he'll come back next weekend and we will see what adventures will be in store for us.then..........

Friday, January 22, 2010


Today Molly came home from the Vet.(a good one this time!) Debbie had taken her to one close by and the women misdiagnosed her, said she was having a reaction to fleas. She(Molly) had a big lump on her chin. The women never looked in her mouth! duh... And I had told Deb that she DIDN'T have fleas(just had to put that in because she DIDN'T LOL) Well anyway....... Debbie took her to the vet she used to go to, a little farther away,but hes very good. They found out that Molly had a very bad tooth infection!!! She had to go in and have them cleaned and taken care of under anesthesia. That worried Deb and I. We both knew she would be alright though. She had to spend the night because she wasn't coming to fast enough. Today we brought her home. She was so happy! I could even pet her down her back and scratch her ears! She NEVER lets ANYBODY do that.
Later this evening my son Justin came over and installed a program called Stellariam. If you are into the stars and planets , their positions at any time, and real time this is the program for you. I CAN'T believe this.! He showed me how to use it. Its fairly simple. And so much fun! You know how I love those gray, rainy days?...well... I wish we had a CLEAR night tonight. lol......but.....we don't :-(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

WALK-ABOUT #1 continued. Read post below 1st

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I woke up this morning  knowing that I would be on my way today on my first walkabout of the year. A walkabout to me is a walk that goes for miles and takes hours. I bring both my cameras, a Minolta and my Sony point and shoot. I left at noon. Debbie dropped me off at the end of Bone Hill Rd.Took a deep breath as I neared the ocean. I was on my way! I walked along the beach for a while and took some photos. This beach is very special to me I call it Heart Rock beach. I have found so many heart shaped rocks here. I collect them. And I also found an Indian arrowhead. Last spring I did a walkabout here on my birthday and met up with a Harbor Seal pup. I have great photos of him.

Walking back off the beach I noticed the sky was a dark grey and I was thinking of rain but it didn't come at that point in time. Back up the road I turned onto the road that leads to the Audobon Society. I started taking macro photos, something I love to do.As I was concentrating on the black berries I felt raindrops. I started to get a little worried but I had Debbies cell phone with me and I knew she would come and pick me up if it started raining hard. So I continued on my way. I heard crowing in the distance and soon I came upon a pen of roosters and hens. They were beautiful. All different colors and sizes.THEN I walked a little farther on and ran into all these beautiful little pigs! LOL Their little faces were so dirty and they kept coming up to me and begging for food. I took sooo many photos of them! At that point in time I felt like I was in heaven! All alone with these wonderful animals with the gray skies over my head and in the distance I could still hear the waves slapping on the shore. Walking along my next encounter was with the goats and sheep. I couldn't believe that the black and white goat was in the hay crib and all the sheep were surrounding it. lol to be continued....Good morning I will continue on width my walk. After the goats and sheep I started down the trail. A chill of excitement ran through my whole body. I KNEW I was going into the woods, alone, all by myself with Mother Nature! Suddenly I saw little white whisps coming down all around me. It was SNOWING!!! How much better can this get!?. I threw back my head, closed my eyes and breathed in the clean scent of the woods. The trees around me were huge! I was in awe. Tears filled my eyes. My heart beat a little faster and I knew I was where I was supossed to that moment . Walking along with all this beauty I came to a natural archway made out of branches. Looking through it was breathtaking, An Enchanted Forest! I was in yet ANOTHER world. I drank in the scent of the pines.Hiding under their low spreading branches., I stayed here awhile.soaking it all in. Reluctantly I moved on. As I went I kept noticing a pasture just beyond the edge of the woods. I saw a small path leading up to it, so I followed it and came up this open pasture with different sheep in it. One was large,and he looked like a male. He came ambling over to me. I scratched his nose and talked to him telling him how special he was, and he truly was beautiful. I went to scratch his nose and he grunted and pawed the ground. Good thing the fence was between us! I laughed at him and told him I'd leave him and his herd alone. Back down the path I went, looking behind me he was still there making sure I was leaving! LOL Walking over little streamlets and stairs made out of the roots of the trees, I was nearing the end of the path. No I havn't finished my walk yet. I have a long way to go so I am going to start a new blog and take you on the other half of my magical journey............

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes its still raining! I do love it though...but I'm feeling pretty unfit right now. Pizza and cookies for dinner..OK?!!!! I NEED to walk! I know, I know, rain shouldn't be an excuse. As a matter of fact I saw two girls walking around my block with umbrellas! Tomorrow, like it or not, I AM going to walk. I have one of those exercise balls, used it once this year. IF and thats a big IF, I am serious about my weight gain I WILL do something about it. It doesn't help that my sister keeps bringing home cakes and cookies. I'm serious BIG cakes and BAGS, yes that's with an S,of I have terrible willpower!!! BUT like I said It is up to me. JUST SAY NOOOOO!!! I need to get back into meditation again too. I feel really good when I meditate. It helps with all kinds of things, physical, mental and spiritual. I just recorded two meditations that I found online. I recorded on a mini recorder then I play them back while I meditate. I think I'll start tonight..... Mikey doesn't like the rain much! LOL

Monday, January 18, 2010


It has been raining, now, for two days. The snow has all melted. The wind has been howling at the window panes. Last night the pitter-patter of raindrops lulled me to sleep. I love rainy days! The fire in the woodstove has been burning since this morning when Debbie lit it. We did have a couple of days where the temp was in the low 40s, thats considered a January thaw.
 Havn't posted in a few days. Stayed over Noni's house Sat. night. Her husband went up to NH to snowmobile. We had fun with the Cricut again and Noni made the best lemon chicken and alfredo!
I also went for a walk down Bone Hill Rd. with Michele again. Never get tired of that walk. The sun was setting and everything was quiet and peaceful...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was a great day. Did laundry and a few errands then I got online and found a great site. Its called Artmagik. I love art and this shows paintings, artists, what kind of painting style it is and it also has poetry.. I'm going to learn so much from this. I'm pretty excited! I have 2 artists already that I really like, Honorable John Collier and John William Waterhouse
 Tonight Michele came over with her boyfriend Patrick. Michele made this stew. She said it was oxtail stew but I didn't believe her. I quess I made a face because she changed it from oxtail to some kind of Jamacian beef dish.LOL. It was served over white rice. It looked really good and, yes, it was quite flavorful. BUT I found round bones that looked like nothing I'd ever seen before and then I KNEW! It WAS oxtail stew!!!. I don't know,  it just didn't sit right with me. I ate it politely, BUT,I will never eat it again!lol! We made popcorn afterwards and watched Cold Mountian( around the 10th time for me) but I cried again anyway.LOL.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


 Today is Michelle's birthday. Notice her name is spelled with 2 L's. She is my daughter-in-law. The Michele spelled with 1 L is my friend in an older post. is Michelle's birthday..... we celebrated it last night over here at our house. She turned 33. Time has certainly gone by....lots of time! I met Michelle when she was 17! She is a sweet person and works very hard. I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to.  My son,Justin, in the picture above, made her cake. I love this picture!!! We gave her her presents and of course Mikey tried so hard to open them for her, thinking they were his. You can't come in the house with a bag without him thinking you have something for him. He LOVES to open presents! lol AND he thinks they are ALL for him!
 Today is a very sad and terrible day for Haiti. My heart goes out to the country and all its people................

Monday, January 11, 2010


Went over to Noni's today to play with the Cricut again! This machine is any paper lovers dream. There is nothing that it cannot cut out (as long as you have the cartridge.) They have Christmas and Halloween. Gardening, Valentines Day, birthdays, summer, etc. The list goes on and on. I am really happy that MY friend has one! LOL. I used to stamp and make cards so I have plenty of paper and other materials. We made our Feb. page for our calenders...

  Noni made us meatloaf sandwiches for lunch...Ok...I have NEVER had meatloaf like hers before! She makes the BEST! Warmed meatloaf on Arnolds white bread with mayo on each side of the bread....2 BIG slices of meatloaf....ummmmm. I can't stop thinking about

Sunday, January 10, 2010


My first walk of the year! My friend Michele and I decided to take a walk late this afternoon. We went to one of our favorite places, Bone Hill Road. I don't know why they call it that and I don't know why I don't know. I will have to find out!. It's such a pretty road in any time of year. It's very quiet, you feel like you're way out in the country. Old orchard trees and old stone walls go along both sides. Usually there is a herd of sheep and goats grazing in one of the pastures but we did'nt see them this time. Down the road towards the end is an Audobon Society. They have yellow berried Hollys there. I walked down to get a photo of them but they have all been eaten by the birds and squirrels. I'll go back later in the year.

  This is my friend Michele: She and I have been walking this road for years. I always see or hear something.different every time I walk here.There are marked trails that go off the main road, like I said it IS enchanting. This evening the sunset was gorgeous, I didn't post a pic, they just didn't do it justice. There are a few old houses that we walk by, this one is my very favorite. It seems empty. And haunted? Wish it was MINE!!!

  The walk isn't very long and at the end of the road this is what you see!!!
This little village sits on the end of a long spit of land (dunes actually). No electricity, no way to get there except by boat or 4wheel drive. The lighthouse is'nt a working lighthouse but last year they put a light in it. This scene is famous. Lots and lots of photographers have taken this picture. The spit of land is called Sandy Neck. When we come to this end we turn around and go back to the car, filled with fresh air and a renewed spirit. I never tire of such a place........

Saturday, January 9, 2010


 I love winter mornings. Pale blue sky. The way the mellowed sun hangs low in the sky. The quiet....I love getting up early before anyone else. It allows me to be alone, something I don't often get to do. I hear the clocks ticking, I love that sound. I can think about anything I want to without interuptions. I can meditate if I want to. I can daydream.....I can think deeply....I can EVEN ponder the mysteries OF THE UNIVERSE!!! YEAH!....ok,ok,ok, I REALLY need to be alone more often....ya think?                                                    

 I took pics of my swags yesterday. Usually I take them down on the 6th but they have been so pretty with the icicles hanging from them. Maybe I'll keep them up until Feb. I make them every year. I make one for my Mom and Dad too. The Holly tree at my Son's house was unbelievable this year. It was covered, totally, with berries. I have never seen it so beautiful! I pruned some for the swags. I also used White Pine, and Blueberry Juniper.                                                                                       
 At 10 am I looked at the wallpaper in the living room, I have been trying to take it down for years, yes,years. I 'm talking about some UGLY, UGLY wallpaper!!! I think that came with the house too.
But today someting very magickal happened. I looked at the wall and said "I'm going to do this TODAY and I'm going to finish it TODAY! And ya know what? It's finished!!! Boy, what a difference!  I started at 10 and finished at 3.with only one sitdown. Then I had my parents over for turkey soup and bisquits. They stayed till around 7. A little later on Michele came over, she is another of our friends. We don't see her much lately because shes in LOVE!..NEW LOVE! She came for tea. We sat around and talked for a while. Then she had to go to see her new love....awww...   Its so nice when it happens isn't it?  Goodnight............

Friday, January 8, 2010

TURKEY SOUP...yummmm


Finally fixed picasa 3! Noni, a computer geek(she is amazing) helped me figure what was going on with it. It's running fine now. While I sat on the computer ALL DAY!!! I did manage to put together some Turkey Soup. I don't have a recipe for it, I just use left over turkey put in water and add everything herb and spicy to it. Throw in the noodles and let it go. I do add cut up carrots and onions to it. Smells so good while its cooking and really comes out very good and tasty if I do say so myself. lol There is nothing like a cup of hot turkey soup on a cold winter evening watching the snow fall gently to the ground..Took some pics of my sister Debbies cat. She can be a mean one! lol Just look at her face! lol  It has been flurrying all day long. Snow coming down slow and steady. We didn't get much but it sure was pretty. It has been pretty interesting how the whole country, Asia, and Europe are getting this same type of weather pattern. I heard that the snow in England hasn't been this way in many years. Global warming?............In the paper this morning was an article about a little Hummingbird(a rare Allen's hummingbird) that didn't make it south. This great woman in Harwich, a few towns down, is keeping her feeders out and putting Christmas lights around the feeders to give the little thing some warmth. It comes to the feeder every 5 to 10 minutes. I hope he makes it. We have Humming birds all summer,they are so much fun to watch. Well I guess that's  all I have to blog about tonight so.....Good Night from me to you...........

         "DON'T look at Me!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

LAUNDRY DAY.......ho-hum.......

Today was laundry day. Our so old dryer finally quit about a month ago. It's avacado!!!! They really made em good in those days! I think my sister bought this house and it was here then, about 30 some years ago. SO... I wash the clothes here, then take them down the road to the laundra-mat. Out come the quarters and it seems that no matter how many you put in they still come out slightly damp....OH THIS is AGGRAVATING ,lol. We put in 45 minutes worth and went down the road to visit my Dad, Mom had gone to the hair salon. We(my sister, Deb+ I) had a political debate,( well maybe it wasn't a debate because we all agreed lol,) with my Dad. He was in the Army and worked in some Top Secret areas. VERY INTERESTING!!!.....No, he didn't  tell us anything....we were waiting....but they really do keep their secrets secret!
  Finished errands and came home. I got out my camera and started taking pics. Got some really good ones of Mikey but picasa3 is not running right. Hasn't been for a while now.....that's another aggravation...oh well....
Mercury IS still in its retrograde, maybe that's it,lol

The photo is Mikey, its titled "I'm not getting up today"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


 I live in the great metropolis of Hyannis on Cape Cod. me its' a city. I've lived here for over 40 years. Actually I was born here but Dad was in the army and we traveled alot before he retired back here. I have seen major changes!. Hyannis started out as a quaint little town. It had its' Elm tree lined, two way main street, cute shops along each side. Story land was out along the main highway, 132, just a quaint road running up to the Big Highway, route 6. Now a huge mall is there and it looks like a Vegas strip (well maybe not THAT bad lol)..anyway... What I'm trying to get at without going into the Capes deep history ( which I will do sooner or later), is that I have been hearing an owl out in the backyard for about a week. I heard him(or her?) last night when I was trying to get to sleep. It is such a haunting sound. I just heard it again tonight while taking Mikey out. It was in the front yard this time. I am delighted to have it living so close. Most all of this area has been developed. We have about 2 or 3 acres out behind us where they are putting the water and gas pipes in. It breaks my heart, but yes, a builder is going to put 40 to 50 houses out there!!! I have seen deer, coyotes, Red tailed hawks and so much more... Its like a wildlife sanctuary. In acient times an Indian trail led through those, now, mostly depleated woods. My neice found an arrowhead walking back there!. Ohhh, I did'nt mean to get into this, I wanted to talk about the owl! lol Enough of that depressing.stuff.
 I find alot of enjoyment living here. I love photography. I have taken lots of photos of my beautiful gardens that I have made since I've lived here with my sister. My son and his family live in a house (a little cottage, really) about a mile away. My parents live about a mile the other way. And my daughter Tracy lives way over on the other side of the country in Garfield,Washington!. Soooo far away. I miss her but we talk alot.
 My Aunt Alice lives  in CT. which isn't tooo far away. She is THE best cook I have ever encountered, in fact, she is the person responsible for that Breakfast casserole recipe. My cousin Elizabeth and her son Steven live there too, along with their cats...oops... I forget the names... sorry Auntie, lol? Anyway I miss them. We don't get to see them much.
 So... I've written a little about myself, my family and the Cape. Had an uneventful day, really, but a quiet, restful one and for that I am grateful...............

The photo is bare tree shadows on the snow at night.

Monday, January 4, 2010


 Woke up very early this morning,5:30 A.M. Glanced out my bedroom window and there was Venus rising in the still black, winter morning sky. It was so bright!. I did go back to sleep after gazing at it for awhile until I smelled my sisters Breakfast Casserole wafting through the air. Debbie(my sister) served me coffee in bed. WOW! I usually do this for her but since she was up earlier than I she beat me to I enjoyed that!  The casserole was sooo good! You need to try this! 
  8 slices cubed bread
  1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  2 lbs. breakfast sausage, cooked
  combine the following:
  8 eggs
  1 1/2 cups milk
  1/2 tsp. mustard
  1 tsp. salt
  dash of pepper
  1 tsp. cinnamon-opt.
  1 tsp. nutmeg-opt.
  Grease 13" by 9" casserole dish. Lay bread on bottom, Then sausage, then cheese. Add egg mixture to top
  Refridgerate overnight. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.About 8 servings. You'll want to make this often
 Puttered around the house until 4:00. My friend Noni and I had planned to spend the evening playing with her CriCut. She picked me up. We went to Marshalls first because I had seen those semi-precious stone globes of the world there. I have always wanted one so I got it for myself as a late Christmas preasent. I love it!
 We picked up Mikey (my little dog)on the way to Noni's. He loves to go to over to play with Baby and Pepie, his toy  Poodle friends. He was very excited. Got to Noni's, she made us tea. She makes the best cup of tea! We got the CriCut out and started. If you don't know what a Cricut is you are really missing out. Its a computer type machine that cuts out just about everything you can think of from shapes to letters,etc.. It is unbelievable! We decieded to make calendars for 2010. We spent 4 hours creating our January page. We had SO much fun!!!. Noni's is on the left and mine is on the right.
 Noni has been my best friend for over 40 years! Now that you can see her, you will know who I'm talking about when I talk about Noni. We are looking foward to making our February page together, soon.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


WOW! I've been looking for my blog for two days now, couldn't figure out why I couldn't get to it. I felt terrible because I just started it and I really want to commit to this. Well, it took my best friend, Noni ,to figure it out for me. I was putting in the wrong user name. DUH! I'm back now and ready to write.
 My grandson Justin came and stayed for the weekend. Didn't do much. Watched T.V. and the movie Joan of Arc, which was great. Snowed most of the day, happy about that!
 Our little bird friends were out of food and suet so I went out this morning and refilled the feeders. They were grateful, alright, with all this snow we've been having! We get Goldfinch, at this time of year they look pretty drab compared to their bright yellow plumage in the summer. Lots of them, they love the thistle seed. We get Downy woodpeckers and Red bellied woodpeckers also Flickers and Nuthatches. They like the suet. The little snowbirds(Juncos) come and groundfeed. Chickadees and Cardinals. Sometimes Mourning Doves. They all like the sunflower seed. They are so fun and interesting to watch. THEN there are the SQUIRRELS, they can empty a birdfeeder in record time!. We have Grey and little Red ones. And there is no birdfeeder I have come across, yet,  that they cannot get into! But we love them and put up with their voracious appetites.
 My horoscope said that I could find myself in a bad mood today if I didn't get some exercise, so I thought I"d BETTER walk around our block with Took my camera with me. Took some photos. When we got back it really started snowing.
 Kept my camera out and took lots of pics of Justin. He really started getting silly as you can see in the I have so much fun with him. Got to be around 4:00 and he had to go home. School tomorrow.... maybe.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Yep, more snow! Starting at midnight. It will snow all day Saturday. Wasnt the Moon last night so special.


Happy New Year to All,
Watched the ball drop last night. Amazing crowd. Jennifer Lopez looked pretty naked and I also watched 1st Night in Boston, it looked like they were having so much fun. I'll have to go someday.
Today I spent pretty much the whole day laying on the couch with my little chuihuaha on my lap sleeping, he was sleeping I was watching the Rose Parade with my sister. Some, well really all of them(the floats) were pretty amazing. Everything made out of organic materials. I can't believe they even use onion seeds for some of the black coloring. W0w! My favorite part was the Freesian horses. They are, to me, the most beautiful animal in the world.
This year I'm looking forward to a more peaceful year, alot more creativity, soul searching, studying, and everything else I feel I want to do. I feel like this will be a wonderful year. It is what you make it and sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I will be gentle with myself this year, love myself more. I'd like to do some volunteer work and help others. Be a better friend and sister. And defiantly be a better MOM and cut some of those apron strings.LOL
My biggest wish for this year is for mankind to be able to become one and at peace with each other and our precious Mother Earth to be taken care of better. Very high hopes but it is what I wish for. I would like more peace and prosperity for my family. And I REALLY need to do some home repairs!LOL. I think some of that will be doable. Signing off for now. Good night and Happy New Year...