Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just saw a very beautiful thing, a male Cardinal feeding his female. Just didn't have my camera this time. So sweet. Brought tears to my eyes. Scenes like this are almost too sacred to capture on camera. A gift only for your eyes.

 I love getting up early in the morning. I usually get up at 6. The sun is just coming up and everything has a magical quality to it. The birds start coming one by one. I can count on certain birds to arrive first. I can hear someones rooster crowing in the distance. The squirrels start meandering in, stretching and yawning as they make it down the tree to the bird feeder, where they hang upside down and feed on the sunflower seeds. Some mornings the leaves of the Iris and Daylilies are tipped with little round droplets of dew that shimmer in the suns light.   The birds are singing; there are no other sounds, the quiet from human life and the solitude is mesmerizing. I sit and watch the interaction of the birds and squirrels. Its amazing what you'll see. They have all gotten used to me and my camera and come close to feed without fear. A little English Sparrow has taken up residence in a hole in the tree where the feeders hang. He has been working on this new home for a few days now. He is so busy and proud, singing as he cleans out the hole. I haven't seen a female yet unless shes in the hole sitting on eggs.
  The air is so fresh in the morning. Everything has a newness about it. The night has erased all the mistakes of yesterday and the day is a new slate to put your mark upon. I cherish the morning muses, new beginnings, new thoughts and ideas. Each morning is a new experience, filled with wonder and anticipation of whats to come.  I'm grateful to be able to get up in the morning and rise with the Sun. 

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