Sunday, March 28, 2010


Our lives are as feathers buffeted here and there by the winds of fate; never really knowing where we are going or where we will land. We think that we seem to have total control over our lives, but be assured , we don't.  We may have some control over some things but when fate comes in to hand there is no control. Only the Universe can control that. When the winds blow hard and gusty and we are snagged by the obstacles that crop up in the way of our journey, we are stopped in our tracks. These obstacles may be grief over a loved ones death, a sudden illness, or the loss of a long time friendship. Whatever it may be, you  may find yourself with your hands tied behind your back. No control. Then suddenly another gust of wind will free you from the situation, weather physically, mentally, and ,or spiritually and off you go ,on yet another journey and...... yes...... another snag.                                                                                            The point I'm trying to make is that we will always have obstacles to overcome in our lives. We have no control over that. It is knowing that they will appear and knowing that eventually , in the Universe's time and the Universe's way we will be freed from them. 

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