Thursday, March 25, 2010


Friendship is about unconditional love.....
It is about sharing the joy and pain, the hopes and desires for each other
The understanding between each other as they go through life making their own mistakes and still standing by them. Forgetting the foolish past and looking to a new day to share together
Respecting the decisions that are made by each other,weather they be right or wrong , liked or disliked
And accepting  that these choices are their own  and that there are reasons behind them that are their own.
Friendship is NOT bringing up how much each has done for one another as that can be very painful, as one might be able to give more monetarily and the other may only be able to give heart and soul and a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.
Friendship is about helping each other and not backing down. Keeping your word. Overcoming the pettiness.
Friendship is NOT about retorting, screaming and yelling, its about listening and not being judgmental.and condesending. Listening and not talking over each other
Friendship is realizing what the other is going through and trying to be there for them
Friendship is NOT about getting the last hurtful word in, again its about listening through to the end and then trying to understand what the other is really trying to say.
When a friend is in pain with her feelings it should not be labeled dramatic. She may be grieving over a great loss. or a hurt she doesn't understand. Let her cry. Crying is not a bad thing. Its a great release
Be kind and gentle with each other, this world is a very frightening place and what better place to be than in the heart and the arms of your  friend.?

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